Thursday, 14 September 2017

The trip to Philadelphia begins!!

And so it begins!!

Well, sort of anyway! I've left my flat and won't be back now until Monday afternoon but I've got a days work and a night in a Heathrow hotel before my journey really starts!

It's a bizarre experience, leaving to go on a solo trip. Sure I'm meeting some wonderful friends out there but I won't see them until I exit Philadelphia airport so this whole bit its like I'm going away alone!

The mad panic last night about have I got everything I need, the frantic checking of the passport every few minutes to make sure it's still with me and still in date! (It's got 9 years to go ffs!)

But now, as I approach work with my massive suitcase with tons of room inside it (I'd rather take bigger and not have to panic on the way home that I can't get it shut!) the feeling of anxiety is starting to float away.

I'm sure it will be back with a vengeance tonight when making my way to Heathrow and realising that it's really happening but for now I'm nearly at the office just thinking about another days work and what I need to get done to make Monday easier for myself! (Yes I am going straight to work from landing at 8am Monday!)

Time to work now, then it'll be time to get ready to say #LetsGoToWork


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