Sunday, 10 July 2016

An inspiring week

Everyone has weeks that are tough, weeks that you wish would end already or never have happened, weeks that just make life seem so grey and rubbish.

This was not one of those weeks for me.

I am so lucky to have the opportunities I do in my life; to be able to stand in front of a crowd in Westminster and have them listen to what I have to say, to be able to see my family so often, to be able to share moments with people I love, and to get to meet some truly inspirational people.

Meeting Henry Fraser at his incredible art exhibition 'Hand to Mouth' was one of the most significant moments of recent times for me; he is someone that doesn't just inspire me but reminds me of the important things in life - to focus on "what you can do, not what you cant do". To have the opportunity to get to thank him in person for being a continual source of positivity has made me reaffirm my vow to not get caught up in the negative of life, but to continue to find ways to see the strengths in disappointment and to improve as a person with every knock-back or failure.

This week has been a phenomenal one for finding hope for the future thanks to the wealth of sport on TV; witnessing Andy Murray win Wimbledon again, watching Chris Froome's brilliant descent sprint to the Yellow jersey, seeing Yates and Cav in the White and Green jerseys, all these marvellous things give me such enjoyment and passion for British sport again - let's cheer Froomey on to victory in Paris in 14 days and then its time to bring on Rio!!

More than anything I hope that the sense of positivity coming out of British sport rights now will help to lift this country out of the funk its been in recently and start to unite and heal our people; the world is in a sorry state right now, but as some wonderful people have reminded me lately - even the hardest of adversities can be overcome with the right mental attitude and a willingness to accept what cannot be changed.

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