Monday, 4 July 2016

Taking over Westminster - one speech at a time!

When I first joined the Westminster Autism Commission last year I had no way of knowing just what a bizarre and unusual predicament the hallowed halls would find themselves in by the time we came to launch our first inquiry report!

Today was a day where many of us spoke of change and the need for more to be done, yet just a few corridors away both sides of the benches were in turmoil, leadership challenges and bids being made, deals being whispered about yet not truly brokered. Our whole country is locked in a limbo-like existence where jokes about the twitter-sphere asking 'who is actually running the country at the moment?' and 'is there anyone left who hasn't resigned from/been appointed to the shadow cabinet?'

My way of coping with this strange British type of chaos is simply to retweet the jokes I find amusing and watch Wimbledon instead. Well, when Le Tour isn't on that is.

The thing is though, the more I hear about what is going on in Westminster right now the more I worry that one day I will have to choose a devil to jump in bed with. I've found myself captivated by the notion of becoming an MP one day, but to realise this dream I'm likely going to have to pick between being Tory or Labour, the devil or the deep blue sea so to speak.

But why would I want to be a part of such nastiness? Of such intensive backstabbing and hushed voice dirty deals. I've probably left it too late anyway - I didn't go to Eton OR Oxbridge so my chances are pretty scuppered to begin with, definitely more so by not joining a 'young {insert party} society' when at university.

Still, even with all that against me I was given a microphone and a captive audience today to speak to so my dream may yet live on! Then again if things carry on the way they are going who knows what our democratic government may look like in a few years time!!

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