Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Parliament and Politicking

It's strange the way humans have evolved to be creatures that create hierarchy and then fight each other for positions within it by trading words and favours instead of spilling blood as our evolutionary ancestors would. 
Spending the afternoon in Westminster taking part in Autism related meetings has been an eye opener into the differing opinions across the society we live in. Hearing academics talk from a psychological/biological point of view being at such cross purposes with my view point as a person who is autistic every day of the week has left me feeling both deflated and pumped up to fight my corner. 
I don't ever profess to speak for the community I'm a part of, nor try to say that my experiences are in any way superior to others but I do swear that the work I am trying to do is for the right reasons and has an aim to stop others from experiencing the same pain and troubles that I have been and still am going through.
I know that politics is a hideously complex thing, where people and organisations that should be working together are bickering over who gets the last penny left in the treasury, but I find it incredible that some of the basic things that could help people like me still need to be spelled out and then enshrined in law to make sure people follow the directions they're given instead of wriggling out by doing the bare minimum to tick the box!
Autistic people don't need superchampions and specific leads in education, health, employment, housing, criminal justice. What we need is for ALL people involved in those departments at all levels to have a good decent knowledge of what Autism is, how it might cause issues for people and how to help resolve those issues.
I hope that over the next few months things that are works in progress will come to fruition and I hope this will help the community I am a part of, because we are a community and we have a voice, we just need to be listened to now.

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