Friday, 29 April 2016


Procrastination is a marvellous thing, I've been putting off writing this post about putting off my revision for ages now!
Trouble is my mind is quite easily distracted (and not just by shiny things!) and as such forcing it to concentrate outside of work hours can be difficult. Even in the middle of the night when there is no-one to call, no decent TV to watch, and the internet has got boring I can still find myself spending 10 minutes staring at a pattern on my ceiling instead of reading the article I'm supposed to be making notes on!
I've tried various techniques over the years to aid my concentration issues and some have had a measure of success - the issue now is I employ them during my working day in order to achieve everything I need to there, leaving me very little to work with once I get home in the evening. Luckily in some respects I'm very driven by pressure and fear - the closer to a deadline I get the more I can focus and churn out the workload, the trade off being (of course) that the more stressed and sleep deprived I get the more sloppy and mistake-strewn my work may become.
As seems to be the root of many of my posts (hence the title of the page!) the answer lies in balance - how to achieve a happy medium between the need for pressure to achieve high concentration levels and the need for a sharp mind to achieve accurate and worthwhile work.
I'll come back to this thought once my exams are over next Friday. Probably.

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